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Dear Valued Customer,
We regret to inform you that the INTELECOM Video Library is no longer available for video streaming renewals or new orders.

  • All existing streaming accounts on the INTELECOM Video Library will remain active throughout the purchase period.
  • To purchase video streaming on the INTELECOM Online Resources Network, please contact Wanda Harden at (800) 576-2988, extension 222.
  • To purchase DVDs or worktexts from INTELECOM, please contact Video Resources Software at (888) 223-6284.

For questions about your existing account on the INTELECOM Video Library, please feel free to contact us at (800) 576-2988.

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The Delicate Balance - Part IIThe Enduring Self: Personality

The Endless Voyage Series (4-DVD Set)

The Endless Voyage focuses on the marine environment as a unique and important part of life on earth, and explores areas of interest and concern to students and scientists alike. The course blends all the attributes of broadcast-quality video to bring the excitement of oceanography to students with no previous oceanography background.

Running Time:26x30
Closed Captioned:Yes
Academic Level:Secondary (9 thru 12)
Higher Education

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Disc 1:
The Water Planet / First Steps / Making the Pieces Fit / World in Motion / Over the Edge / The Ocean's Memory / It's in the Water

Disc 2:
Beneath the Surface / Going to Extremes / Something in the Air / Going with the Flow / Deep Connections / Surf's Up / Look Out Below

Disc 3:
Ebb and Flow / On the Coast / Due West / Building Blocks / Water World / Food for Thought / Survivors

Disc 4:
Life Goes On / Living Together / Treasure Trove / Dirty Water / Hands On

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